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Cup O’ Joe

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Brain is truly an amazing biological processor. You can have the sharpest brain around, but if you don’t exercise it often, you could start losing your edge. Even if you are not trying to attempt rocket science, tackling those brain training programs each day can help you get your mind ready for the day ahead of you. Cup O’ Joe is fun brain training application that helps you get your mind moving and keep it sharp each and every day. There is a reason it’s called that name. It can help start up your brain early in the morning and keep it going late in your day.

Cup O’ Joe’s exercises are not exactly the hardest ones around but if you are still sleepy or not sharp, it will show. They are designed to test your sharpness, so you won’t get impossible-to-solve challenges here. Try these problems long enough and your brain will wake up. Cup O’ Joe can be pretty relaxing too if you are waiting for an important test or meeting.

Here are the type of exercises that you can try with this application:

  • Alphabet Practice
  • Math Practice
  • Count Practice
  • Puzzle Practice
  • Memory Practice
  • Recall Practice
  • Comparison Practice
  • Speed Practice
  • Odd One Out Practices

These exercises will let you test your sharpness and get your engine moving whenever you feel a bit bored or tired. Scoring 100% won’t be easy unless you are focused.

Cup O’ Joe has more than just simple math problems. It can test your reaction time, improve your memory, and get your brain moving, especially early in the morning. It has plenty of fun levels and does not get old easily. I would love to see more advanced brain teasers added to this app. As it is, Cup O’ Joe does enough to help you get moving everyday, especially if your coffee is not doing the job for you.

Rating: 8.8/10

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