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Word games are one of the best ways to keep your brain sharp by just playing games. Next to brain teasers, word games can help you sharpen your brain and expand your vocabulary in the process as well. WordCrasher is another one of those word games that challenges you and helps you speed up your thought process and make up words faster.

The game is pretty easy to get a handle on. The letters fall down and stack up on your screen. Your goal is to identify words and bring the pile down in the process. You can approach this game strategically and pick and choose between when you want to go for longer words and when it’s more beneficial to just take out shorter words. After all, you don’t want the letters to reach the top.

The game comes with two modes. So you can always challenge yourself with the more difficult level. The game can track of the size of your vocabulary as well. It does recognize over 65,000 words, so your words should be included as long as they are not too obscure.

Here is a demo of how the app really works:

I found the game to be very smooth. The graphics are nice to look at, and the game can be challenging at times (which is why it’s so much fun). It’s OpenFeint enabled which is a plus.

If you are into word games and want to challenge yourself and expand your vocabulary using your iPhone, Wordcrasher is a fun app to play with.

Rating: 8.5/10

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