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Those who lead a busy life are always looking for ways to find more time during everyday to get more things done. Speed reading can certainly help you read more in less time, as long as you practice it enough and put the effort needed to master it. QuickReader is an exciting speed reader app for iPhone that helps you increase your reading speed without sacrificing the quality of it.

QuickReader is pretty easy to use. You can either use it to read your books as you would normally or take advantage of Speed Reading feature to learn how to read more in less time. The app gives you access to thousands of epub book (from It also lets you import articles, web pages, and everything in between. So you have plenty of content to get started.

The speed reading technology in this app will help you gradually increase your reading speed. If you practice with it long enough, you are going to start seeing exciting results. Make sure you don’t pick too fast a speed as you shouldn’t expect to see results overnight.

QuickReader does not throw you in deep waters right from the start. Just follow the guide and focus to gradually increase your reading speed. It does help that QuickReader comes with a very intuitive interface (customizing color, font, and font size is supported too).

I do wish there was a way to test the quality of reading with each book as well. Obviously, that’s pretty difficult to accomplish for all the books that are out there. QuickReader does what it promises though. Great way to become more productive. You will have to put some time into it, so do not get discouraged.

Rating: 9/10

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