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Meet one of the most useful free apps available for iPhone. There are plenty of applications that promise your free, unlimited texting on your iPhone, but there aren’t too many that are going for free on iTunes. textPlus is not only free, but it comes with a complete set of features to enable you to send and receive text from your friends on the go all for free.

textPlus allows you and your friends to get in touch with each other no matter whether they are running this app on their phone or not. Of course, it’d be beneficial for them to run this app to enjoy free texting on their phones as well. You can use this app to text through WiFi, 3G, and Edge. Of course, your international texts are free as well (on WiFi).

What’s impressive about this app is the group text feature. You can manage communities on your iPhone using this app and text everyone in one shot. The textPlus address comes in handy as well as your friends can connect with you regardless of whether they have this app on their phones or not.

Overall, textPlus is a very decent texting app that doesn’t cost you a dime. You do want to make sure that you read the instructions carefully and pay attention to situations where you can get charged for your texts (e.g. international texts). But it’s a nice app to have on an iPhone if you are a text junkie.

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