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Arcade Bowling

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Arcade Bowling is one of those iPhone apps that brings back a lot of good memories from the past – it’s because I used to play similar games on other gaming platforms almost 10 years ago. Arcade Bowling is not only fun, but also very addictive. You can use your fingers to aim  the balls down the alley and up into the scoring holes. Now here is the fun part. Once the ball is released, you can still influence its movement. You can also change the speed of the ball by tilting forward or back.

Arcade Bowling comes with fun looking graphics and stimulating soundtracks. The game has two levels. In Classic mode, you can roll up to nine balls to maximize your score. The Progressive mode allows you to enjoy multiple levels of game play, and as you can guess, the game gets more challenges as you hit higher levels.


Overall, Arcade Bowling is a fun bowling game that is challenging and addictive at the same time. If you are stuck in a boring meeting or waiting for a job interview, you can relax and kill time with Arcade Bowling.

Verdict: A-.16

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