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Cycloramic for iPhone

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In the past few months, we have covered a few apps you can take advantage of to capture panoramic videos using an iPhone. There are also accessories you can pick up to make the job easier. Cycloramic for iPhone is a unique application that can shoot panoramic videos handsfree. It will automatically rotate your iPhone to save you time and effort.


Cycloramic is developed mainly for the iPhone 5. In order to use the app, make sure you put your phone to vibrate on silent and ring. Place your device in upright position on a level surface, and hit go. The app does the rest for you as you can see in the below video. Keep in mind that Cycloramic may not work properly on older iPhones.

Cycloramic is a clever application to capture panoramic videos with. It simplifies the process and is a head-turner. The app is not perfect but fun to play around with.

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