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Number Bonds

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Educational games are very dear to my heart. The iPhone may be a great device for those sophisticated action games, but applications such as Number Bonds let you use your iPhone to teach your kid about the sweetest science of them all: Math. Number Bonds is a sweet little app that helps your children (3-6) to get started with numbers. The sooner you get started with math the better, and Number Bonds help you get your kids started with math as soon as possible.


Number Bonds is very easy to use and children friendly. It also comes with three levels. The image level asks your kid to count the number of images on the screen. The number level teaches your kids how to work with numbers and add them up to 10. The sum level shows your kids how to sum things up.

Overall, Number Bonds is a cool app for children. It teaches them the fundamentals of addition and counting. I do like to see more features added to the app (multiplication, subtraction, …). But as it is, it’s still very useful for teaching kids how to count and add things up.

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