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Period Diary Pro

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Unlike men, women have to deal with periods on a monthly basis. In order to stay healthy and happy, all women should take time to monitor their health and record their symptoms, moods, and period dates. Period Diary Pro is a highly sophisticated iPhone app that makes doing all those a whole lot easier. It not only tracks women’s health, it also provides them with predictions.

Period Diary Pro lets users track their period, ovulation, fertility, moods, and everything else related to their health. It has an elegant interface that helps users gain a better understanding how their months have gone. Want to know when your next period begins? This app can predict that for you.

Period Diary Pro supports note taking. It can sync your data with Google Calendar. It displays all your notes and conditions on a calendar in a way that you won’t miss them. Worried about strangers getting their hands on your private notes? Just choose a strong password for your information. The social forum feature is specially interesting for those of you who would like to connect with other women around the world to get answers to your questions.

Period Diary Pro is more than good enough to help women live better lives. It can track, record, and predict period information. One of the better apps we have tested in this category.

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