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Pill Monitor

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When you are young, you may not have to worry about taking pills on a daily basis to get through your day. As you age and develop certain health conditions, medications may become a necessary part of your life. Remembering to take your pills at all times does not have to be a hassle. Not if you have Pill Monitor installed on your iPhone. This is handy tool that reminds you when you need to take your pill.

Pill Monitor¬† reminds you when it is time for you to take your next pill. You can schedule unlimited reminders for each pill. The app offers different reminder sounds to help you remember to take the right pill every time. Users get to skip pills or postpone them. What’s nice about Pill Monitor is the fact that you can add photos to each pill.

Pill Monitor has a pretty interface. It reminds you when to take your pill even if the app is not running. Users can also manage their medication history with this. Wonder when you have to take your next pill? Just take a look at the items under “Upcoming Actions.”

If you need a tool to remind you when to take your pills on time, Pill Monitor can give you a helping hand. This is a life saver of an app to have on your iPhone.

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