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Small Business Guide

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Intersog has developed some of the best business training applications for iPhone. There is no doubt that you can download books using Kindle for iPhone and read them on your phone for free. But Intersog’s products are more than just books. They are interactive training packages that let you learn and master business concepts fast.

Small Business Guide is another interactive training program that makes it easy for you to learn what it takes to start building your own small business. If you want to start a small business, you are going to have to wear multiple hats. You need to be aware of legal, financial, operations, and marketing issues. This guide gives you a crash course in all those topics.


Like other Intersog products, you get a training course that comes with puzzles and flash cards to help you master what you are learning . The interface is very easy to navigate and the flash cards do come handy if you are taking a test and just want to have a nice short review before your test.

These training courses are very useful if you are on a plane or taking a long trip. You don’t need an Internet connection to take advantage of this app, and you’ve got plenty of tools to work with to learn as much as possible during your trips. If you want to run your small business more effectively, Small Business Guide is a good training app to try.

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