Top 5 Best Voicemail iPhone Applications

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Your iPhone comes with an innovative voice-mail system by itself. That was one of the main selling points for the first generation iPhone and even though other smart-phone makers have duplicated some of iPhone features, the device still stands at the top of the smart-phone business as far as innovation is concerned. Now thanks to voicemail applications available in iTunes, you can enhance the capabilities of your iPhone and get more out of your device on the go.

If you are looking to get more done on your iPhone, here are 5 best voicemail iPhone apps that are worth a look:

Visible Voicemail: supports your VOIP voicemails at home or office. It also supports Google Voice. You get instant push notifications when you have a new message. An easy way to avoid missing those voice-mail messages.

Straight to Voicemail: another pretty useful voicemail app for iPhone if you think about it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get around those awkward calls by just leaving a message. That’s what this app does.

Fusion Voicemail Plus: enhances the basic visual voicemail that you get on your iPhone and even lets you receive faxes on your iPhone. Pretty handy tool for business professionals.

AsteriskVM for iPhone: a visual voicemail app for iPhone that allows you to connect to Asterisk server and get your voicemails without having to dial a number. It makes the whole process faster and less painful.

QuickVoice2Text Email: a powerful voice app for iPhone that lets you send e-mails, take voice memos, and do everything in between right from your iPhone. Supports voicemails up to 20 MB in size, which is a big plus.

If you are hoping to enhance the voice capabilities of your iPhone, the above apps can help.

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