15 Top Twitter iPhone Applications

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Twitter iPhone Apps

Twitter has quickly become one of the most addictive social networks on the Web. People spend hours a day on Twitter and share their stories and knowledge with others. But you don’t have to be behind a computer to tweet like a pro when you have an iPhone. Thankfully, there are many Twitter iPhone apps to choose from, so you are never short on options.

Here is a list of top iPhone Twitter applications currently available on iTunes:

1. Ziibii: Ziibii is a great little app for folks who want to connect to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube all from one place. And it’s free too!


2. Twittelator Pro: Twittelator one of the best Twitter apps for the iPhone. It’s very convenient and comes with a lot of themes.


3. Tweetie: Tweetie is another great iPhone client for Twitter. It’s very convenient too.


4. Twinkle: a decent iPhone Twitter client that allows you to get in touch with your followers easily.


5. Whrrl 2.0: Whrrl is another cool social networking application that allows you to stay in touch with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


6. Loopt: Loopt needs no introduction. And Loopt for iPhone allows you to update your Facebook and Twitter accounts easily.


7. Twitterrific Premium: Twitterrific is still one of the top Twitter clients for the iPhone. It may have slipped a bit but it’s still up there with the big boys.


8. Twitterfon: Twitterfon is a lightweight Twitter application for iPhone. It’s easy to use and convenient.


9. Fring: Fring is a cool little social networking app that allows you to manage your MSN, Yahoo, and Twitter accounts.


10. Summizer – Twitter Search Trend: a cool little Twitter app that allows you to track trends on Twitter.


11. Twittms: Twittms is a great way to send direct messages on Twitter. It’s simple to use too!


12. SimplyTweet: SimplyTweet is another Twitter application for the iPhone and iPod touch.


13. LaTwit: LaTwit is a sophisticated Twitter app that allows you to do all kinds of things on your phone.


14. TwitterTrak: TwitterTrak is another simple Twitter iPhone client. It’s very easy to use.


15. TwitterVision: TwitterVision is a cool Twitter application for iPhone that allows you to see where in the world people are tweeting from. Very fun to use.

Honorable mention: Twitkitteh: Twitter for Cats

There you have it. There are just so many Twitter clients available for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just don’t spend too much time choosing among them at the expense of your Twitter account.

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