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Dragon Dictation

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Dragon Naturally Speaking has been around for years now. I still remember testing it a few years ago, and while the program needed to improve at the time, it was still more impressive than any other solution I had tested to that date. These apps have improved so much over the years that you can now go about dictating on your computer without too many issues. Now thanks to Dragon Dictation you can speak to your iPhone and have it converted to text fast. That’s a big time saver for those who are constantly on the go.

Dragon Dictation makes it so easy to update your status on social networks, send text, and even tweet by dictating to your phone. When you pick up a dictation app for iPhone, you want to make sure that the app comes with the capability to recognize your voice and convert it to text without errors. After testing Dragon Dictation for a while, I can tell you that the app is very solid and does the job as promised. And if there are any issues, you can always edit your content easily.

There have been some privacy concerns among folks who have used voice recognition applications in the past. The developers behind this application have indicated that they don’t store your sensitive information, and the information they do grab is used to improve the usability of this app. Besides, you’ll be always in control. The good news is that the app is accurate and lets you dictate on your phone fast. Well worth a try. It’s free too!

Rating: 8.2/10

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  • cronly

    I am unable to find this App anywhere on the UK App Store – is this because it only works with North American accents, or is there any other reason that it’s only available Stateside?

  • christel

    i would not recommend this app. i downloaded it to see if i could dictate a text while driving and even if i spoke very slowly, it still would not get the words right. i deleted it after a couple failed attempts.

  • phiggsy

    It’s a free App. Why can’t I download free apps fron the US Store without a US account? I can use World Pay but it’s not accepted. It’s a free app too so THERE’S NO PAYMENT and I could surely download free stuff freely? Am I missing something here?

    • hm.. You are better off opening a US account. That's been the best experience for our readers.