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In good old times, people would rely on other folks to ask for directions when lost on the road. These days, most of us rely on GPS applications to get unstuck on the road. These apps can provide you with accurate directions and help you get to your destination faster. Messenger Map takes this concept a bit further. It not only gets you directions to where you want to go, it allows you to share it with your contacts.

Messenger Map is a beautiful application. It has everything you would need to share maps and directions with your friends and contacts. Messenger Map provides you with step by step driving instructions. Just like any other decent navigation app for iPhone, this app gives you access to a map to help you get around more conveniently.

Why would you want to use Messenger Map? It is pretty useful for group trips. Let’s say you want to get together with your old friends or family members at a specific location. This application can keep everyone in your group on the same page. Just get your directions and send them to those who want to see at the destination.

Messenger Map is free at the time of this writing. It is quite well designed and is the perfect tool for navigating new areas in groups. Great for short and long trips.

Rating: 9/10

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