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Norton Snap QR Code Reader

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Most of us who have used security solutions on our computers are familiar with the Norton brand. Norton Antivirus and Internet security suites are still used by a significant number of PC users. Just like those software kits, Norton Snap QR Code Reader protects your computer (in this case your mobile phone). Not all QR codes are safe for your phone. Thanks to this tool, you get to stay away from malicious QR codes.

In this day and age, more businesses are taking advantage of QR codes to share information and discounts with their customers. That also means there are scammers and hackers who will use these to target snap-happy smartphone users. Norton Snap QR Code Reader checks the safety of websites before loading them on your phone. It shows users which sites are worth trusting.

What’s nice about this app is that it expands shorten URLs to give you more information about the addresses you are planning to visit.  Norton Snap QR Code Reader rates sites, so there are no doubts which sites are fake and deserving of getting blocked. Users can share their favorite snaps with their friends (a plus).

Norton Snap QR Code Reader is not perfect. But it does make using QR codes a whole lot safer. It identifies malicious sites and QR codes on your phone easily. The app is available for free to iOS users at the time of this writing. What’s not to like?

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