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QR codes are quite popular these days. Many businesses are using these types of codes to provide a better shopping experience to their customers. Businesses use these codes to pass offers, URLs, and everything in between to their customers. In order to read these types of bar codes, you are going to need a decent barcode scanner. Qrafter for iPhone has you covered.

Qrafter is a QR reader and generator. It can scan QR codes that embed URLs, contact cards, email addresses, videos, and many other types of content. Want to create your own QR codes? Just choose the type of content you want to embed in your codes.

Qrafter is more than a basic QR scanner. For starters, it can scan smaller codes much better than some of the other QR scanners we have tested. You can change the color of your codes and save/share them using your phone. Its vCard parser is a big plus.

Qrafter for iPhone is fast and easy to use. If you plan to deal with QR codes on your device, Qrafter is well worth picking up.

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