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We have all played with Twitter and Facebook. In those social networks, you get to update your status and share with others the things you are doing, reading, or tackling. Spuzzle (Social Questions) is a different kind of social network. Instead of telling people what you do, you play a social Q&A with them. It can be a whole lot of fun and is another way to kill some time using your iPhone.

Social Questions makes asking and answering questions a lot of fun. The app suggests the questions you can pick up to get others interested. Adding your photos and clues can get more people interested in your questions. Once you have chosen your question, entered your clues, and decided on your question type, you can e-mail it to those in your email list or post it to other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Spuzzle has a lot of potential. If you choose the right type of questions and take time to engage your players on other social networks, this app can be very entertaining. Of course, you are going to need players who are willing to play (that’s the case with almost any game). The good new is, Social Questions is free for now. So you can test to see whether your contacts are willing to play.

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