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Questions and answers communities have been around forever. Yahoo! Answers and Quora are both great communities to ask questions and get the answers you need from serious people. But what if you want to get your answers in video? Questions for iPhone lets you do just that. You can ask short video questions and get response from all over the world.

Since the past few generations of iPhones have great cameras, you can easily use them to produce short video questions to share with other people. Questions lets you ask 10-second short questions and get short replies as well (asking deep philosophical questions is probably not the best idea). Both front and back cameras are supported. While the app is Facebook friendly, you could always ask questions without having to share on Facebook.

Questions automatically saves your productions to your iPhone. Some people may not like the time restriction but it works for this community. You can follow people who provide the best answers. The app works on most iPhones but you need to have iOS 5 or later.

How popular this app will become? It is tough to say. But the idea is very interesting. This community has the potential to be quite addictive.

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