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Sleep Better: Alarm Clock + Sleeping Cycle Tracker

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We all have to get a few hours of sleep each and every night to keep functioning. If your sleep cycle is messed up, you are going to have a difficult time performing to the best of your ability on a daily basis. Sleep Better is one of many apps you can pick up to get your sleep cycle back on the right track. This app helps you gain insight into your sleep, keep a dream diary, and view your sleep history.

sleep better

Sleep Better has a user friendly design and helps you track your sleep phases. You can use it to better understand light sleep, deep sleep, and the amount of time you have spent awake in bed. You can uae the app to keep a dream diary, monitor your mood, and view your sleep history. The app lets users filter their history to find their best days. It also shows moon phases.


Sleep Better looks decent and helps you figure out how to sleep better. It offers integration with HealthKit. You can try the app for free.

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