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Checky: iPhone Habit Tracker

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It is not a secret that many folks are simply addicted to their phone. They use their device everywhere they go. But have you ever wondered how you use your phone and where? Checky can give you an idea. It is a simple app that gives you insight into your phone checking habit, so can analyze your data to figure out whether you are checking your phone too often.


The idea behind this app is simple. It lets you know how often you have checked your phone and lets you put your data on a map. You can always compare your results with your friends to see who’s more of a phone addict. The user interface is pretty simple too. We would love to see more features added to the app. Being able to see how long one has used a phone would be a good start.

checky app

Checky is available for free at the time of this writing. It simply helps you better understand your phone checking habit. How would you improve it?

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