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Centaur Astrology

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There are plenty of people who believe in and live by astrology. It’s actually a science of its own if you delve deep into it. The location of the heavenly objects really do matter to those who follow this field. Whether you are a newbie to astrology or a professional astrologer, it always helps to have a tool that can chart the objects and help you do your thing more easily. Centaur Astrology is an astrology app for iPhone that does that and more.

Reviewing an app about something you have no idea about can be a bit difficult. We don’t have one person in our team that knows a whole lot about astrology, which is why we needed some education to figure out what this app is really all about. Centaur Astrology calculates natural chart based on your defined latitude and longitude. Since your reading is based on the position of the heavenly objects, you can use this app to pick and choose the planets that you want to show up.

Centaur Astrology is not for beginners by any means. It does come with a ton of options to help you get the most out of your natural charts. It can handle multiple users and lets you analyze charts and email them as you wish.

If you are into astrology and are looking for a powerful app to get readings, Centaur Astrology can help.

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  • chryss alexzander

    thank you xx I have had iphone for ages but couldn’t find an app for astrology- just bought and downloaded Centaur Astrology and its brill xx accurate against my pc program an Iphone lovers astrology dream xx blessed u be xx chryss

    • glad it worked for you

  • laiyee

    I live in Australia & cannot get it to find the correct lat & long. It seems to be useless & I have just paid money for nothing. Tried support & it's all in chinese. If they could respond with help I would be most grateful.

  • laiyee

    so sorry, worked out the atlas… it's very fun. wish you could do secondary progressions! many thanks!

    • I think the developers are very friendly towards feature requests. Unfortunately, I am already beyond my basic knowledge of astrology 🙂

  • I’m always happy to find great posts like this – thx, you just made my day!