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Flo Hydraulic Calculator

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Students in the applied sciences and engineering may have to take a course or two in hydraulics. These folks will have to tackle topics that involve using pressurized fluids to generate, control, and transmit power.  Most scientific calculators are limited when it comes to handling calculations specific to this topic. Flo Hydraulic Calculator is a handy application that saves you time finding answers to your hydraulics questions on your phone.

Flo Hydraulic Calculator can handle circular, rectangular, and trapezoidal channel problems. It makes it so easy to solve hydraulics problems for your defined variables. The calculations are fast and easy. Its information page is pretty useful too. Not only it shows you the meaning of controls and variables, it also tells you about the formulas used.

Flo Hydraulic Calculator supports English and SI units. The app looks pretty decent and can save engineering students time getting answer to their problems. You don’t want to use it to cheat. Nevertheless, owning this beats having a limited scientific calculator.

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