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iNet Pro

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The iPhone is a powerful smart-phone and great for a lot of things. But it’s more than just about having fun and playing games. Take iNet Pro for example. It’s a powerful networking application for iPhone that lets you find more information about the networks that your iPhone or iPod Touch is connected to. Sometimes, you want to troubleshoot your network, scan, or ping it. That’s where iNet Pro has you covered. It’s a networking app that can be helpful to beginners and advanced users and is quite straightforward to work with as well.

iNet shows you all the devices that are connected to your local network. So you can figure out which ones should not be connected to your network and which devices are missing. It can also detect the type of computers connected to your local network as well (PC or Mac). It shows you the vendor and IP address associated with each device, which could come in handy in certain situations. The app can find some of those devices that are not making their presence available.

You can use this app to ping your devices in your network to find out which ones are reachable across your network. The wake on LAN feature can come in handy as well if you want to wake a computer up in your network. Portscan functionality is also available in this app. So you can find out which ports are open and which ones you are going to have issues with.

iNet Pro is not for everyone. But if you want to get a better handle for your network and want to find out more about the issues your network is experiencing, iNet Pro can help you out. It’s a very handy network utility app to add to your iPhone.

Rating: 8.3/10

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