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MeAgainstMe for iPhone

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So you are planning to build a rock hard body? Doing the same workout routine over and over again won’t get you there. The human body is quite an amazing biological machine. After a while, it gets used to your weight training and general workout moves. That’s why fitness experts encourage the students of this game to change their routines on a regular basis. Adding more intensity to your weight training sessions could certainly help keep your body on its toes. MeAgainstMe for iPhone is a fun little app that lets you compete against yourself and push yourself harder.

MeAgainstMe is developed to help you use your previous fitness records to push your body to the next level (fitness wise). Entering new results into this tool is easy. It takes care of the date and time of workouts automatically. Automatic 1RM calculations are provided too. Once you enter enough data points into this, you can use the graphs in it to find out whether you are on the right track.

MeAgainstMe’s interface is not the most impressive one we have tested. But it does make adding new entries and keeping track of your repetitions easy. I like the fact that the app is Facebook and Twitter friendly. The photo log feature is a plus. Overall, this is a pretty decent app to have around in your gym.

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