5 Awesome iPhone Apps for a Full Body Workout

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You can’t lose weight and build a rock hard body if you don’t watch what you eat and exercise often. Your shouldn’t focus only on cardio or strength training if you like to build a well-rounded body. Planning your workout sessions ahead of time could help you stay on track. These 5 fitness apps show you how to get a full body workout at home or on the go:

TouchFit: provides you with a home fitness program you can follow at your own pace. Over 500 video exercises are included. You also get tips on nutrition and other fitness related concepts.

you are your own gym

You are Your Own Gym: one of the best bodyweight training apps we have tested. It shows you how to get fit without having to rely on fancy exercise equipment.

yoga practice builder

Pocket Yoga: Pocket Yoga and Pocket Yoga practice builder provide you with everything you need to learn new yoga poses and keep your yoga sessions on track.


7 Min Workout: many folks have had a lot of success losing weight and getting fit thanks to HIIT training. You don’t always need to exercise for hours to lose weight. This app shows how to get a tough workout by spending just a few minutes every day.

Performance Stretching: stretching is very important for athletes. You could avoid injuries and keep your body in a better shape with a good stretching program. This app provides you with that.

You don’t need fancy exercise equipment to burn calories and get fit. The above apps help you put together a well-rounded fitness program with ease.


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