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Paris 3D

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The iPhone may be a great smartphone, but it’s more than just a phone. It’s a digital powerhouse that has revolutionized many industries. One of the best ways to get the most out of your iPhone is by using it during your foreign trips. There are plenty of travel applications that can help you save money on your tickets, find your way around a foreign city, and visit must see places in other countries. Applications such as Paris 3D make visiting foreign cities much easier that you could imagine.

I have always wanted to visit Paris again after being away for 10 years, but after trying Paris 3D, I am even more excited. Paris 3D is a brilliant 3D map of Paris that makes it easy to explore the city and visit Paris’ best scenes and buildings. And if you happen to be hungry, you can find a good restaurant using Paris 3D.

Paris 3D’s maps and graphics are simply stunning. You can zoom in and out to your heart’s desire and explore the streets and POIs on your phone without too much trouble. The application reminded me of Google Earth, but it does provide you with much more local information.

I was very impressed with the themes in this app. By using the themes, you can figure out which areas you should visit next. There are also 2000 POIs in Paris 3D, so whether you are looking for a restaurant or a historic monument, you can find it using Paris 3D. And when you are lost, you can use “Where Am I?” to figure out where you are in the city.

Ultimately, Paris 3D is a wonderful app to try for anyone interested in visiting the beautiful city of Paris. The graphics are out of this world, and there are plenty of features that can help you find your way around the city. Paris 3D is a 3D travel guide on steroids. What more can be said?

Rating: 9.5/10

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