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Many of us spend hours in gyms or running around our neighborhood. Moving your body is a great way to burn calories and stay healthy. Our brains also need some exercise on a regular basis. That is if you are interested in keeping your mind sharp. Research has shown that computers are making our brains lazy. Lumosity has a wealth of exercises you can play with to avoid ending up with a slow brain. Brain Trainer is an application that brings these exercises to your phone.

Those of you who have played with Lumosity’s brain games in the past will find Brain Trainer’s experience very familiar. It contains 10 brain games to improve your memory, attention span, and problem solving skills among other things. Brain Trainer is free but you need a subscription to tap into its full potential.

You get 5 sessions to get started with. Each session has 3 games to keep your brain on its toes. The app keeps track of your progress to slowly but surely get your brain back to its full capacity. Playing some of these games can even relax you.

If you are into brain games, getting an online subscription at is your best option. It is much more affordable and gives you more flexibility. Brain Trainer is developed for people who want to play brain games mainly on their iPhone. It won’t be cheap. It will be good for your brain though.

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