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Wordfolio for iPhone

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Learning a foreign language is not always easy. Some of us are better at picking up new languages than others. You also need the right kind of training to pick up a new language faster. Keeping track of all the new words you learn so you can refer to them in the future is smart. Wordfolio, which in some ways reminds of us Word Vault, can help you with that.


The idea behind Wordfolio is simple. It allows you to store all the foreign words that you learn. It is iCloud-friendly, so you can access all the words you have learned faster. Reminders are available so you practice the words you have trouble learning. You can organize your words in groups and even add notes. It could be pronunciations or new ways you have found to use certain words


Wordfolio helps you learn multiple foreign languages at once. You can sort words alphabetically, archive words, and even search them. This is a great tool to use to remember new words you learn in your language class or when reading a book. Much better than using a paper notebook to write down words.

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