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In case you haven’t realized, the World Cup is finally upon us. We are only weeks away from one of the most popular sporting events around the world. Soccer is not as popular in the U.S. as it is in other parts of the world. But it’s making progress and coming along just fine. Whether you are a fan of soccer or just trying to get in the mood for the World Cup, you can always use apps such as SouthAfrica Fan to get yourself more familiar with the teams involved in this event. SouthAfrica Fan is designed to provide anyone interested in these games with the latest news, videos and photos from the teams involved in the event. All you need is an iPod Touch or iPhone, and you are set.

SouthAfrica Fan not only provides with the latest information on rounds and teams, it can also send you the latest news via push notifications. It also lets you connect with your friends on Facebook to share your forecasts and let people around the world know how you have fared as far as your predictions are concerned.

The app wouldn’t be complete without images and videos of your favorite teams. The app also gives you plenty of information on previous World Cups. So you have everything you need to watch and speak about soccer like a pro.

If you are crazy about soccer or just want to get a better sense about the upcoming World Cup and the teams involved, SouthAfrica Fan is a decent app to consider. It could probably be cheaper, but it does give you a ton of information to look at.

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