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Those of you who still remember your student days probably remember those night-before-the-exam cram sessions. A lot of people do it, especially in colleges. Studying for hours can certainly help students get better grades. But educational tools can help you reduce your study time and learn things faster. Take Ace Flashcards for instance. It’s a powerful flashcard application that enables you to master any topic on your iPhone.

Whether you are planning to learn a new topic, remember something you have read a while ago, or just get a crash course on a topic, Ace Flashcards can help.You can download plenty of flashcard decks from The app does make studying words much easier. It has a built-in dictionary to help you look-up words that you may not be familiar with. Just enter the words you want to study and Ace Flashcards does the rest.

Once you are done with your flashcards, you can always go back and study the areas you have problem with. Flag the cards you have mastered to focus on those you are yet to. The app’s interface is intuitive and makes adding decks and customizing your flashcards easy.

Ace Flashcards is one of the most flexible flash card applications that we have tested for iPhone. It is easy to use and lets you go about learning your favorite topic more effectively. Why study the same topics so hard when you can only focus on areas you need to work on. With Ace Flashcards, you can do just that.

Rating: 8.5/10

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