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iPhone may be just a smart phone but it can be used to accomplish a whole lot of tasks while you are on the go. Whether you want to manage your business expenses or use your phone as a GPS, it’s all possible with iPhone. But perhaps the most essential task that you can accomplish with your iPhone is managing your contact list. If you know a lot of people, your contact list can help you manage your relationships more effectively. Black Book is a super contact list that lets you store your contacts and their images and carry them all with you everywhere you go. No longer will you be embarrassed about not remembering those tiny details about the people you are going to meet in an important event.


Black Book is more than just a cute application. It is a visual list of your contacts with every little detail about them. You can not only store your contacts’ names, cell phone numbers, their website URLs, and their image, you can also store their favorite bar, restaurant, food, or other small little details. Imagine the surprise look on your contacts’ faces when you remember their favorite drink or flower.


Adding contact information to Black Book couldn’t be easier. You can also use short cut buttons to call your contacts fast or just visit their myspace page. It doesn’t hurt that you can password protect your Black Book either.

All in all, Black Book is one heck of a contact list for iPhone. It can be a life saver for anyone who’s into networking and meeting lots of folks. One touch and you’ll remember everything you need to remember about that important person that you’ve just met in a party or a conference. That makes Black Book priceless!

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