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Chinese Food Restaurant Menu Vocab List

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I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of Asian foods. We have plenty of Chinese food places in our area, so getting this kind of food is not a whole lot of hassle. What’s neat is you don’t have to understand the language to order your food easily.  If you plan to travel to China, you are going to have to know the language though. The Chinese Food Restaurant Menu Vocab List is one of many apps you can pick up to learn a bit of Chinese.


This app brings over 2500 frequently used Chinese restaurant menu items to your device. By the time you are done with this app, you are going to know more than enough about the Chinese language to be dangerous. Full English translation for each entry is provided as well (with audio). Translations are shown in both simplified and traditional Chinese.

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The Chinese language may not be easy to learn or master. But everyone has to start somewhere. If you plan to spend a bit of time in China, you could use apps like the above to get prepared.

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