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Hundred PushUps

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Being able to do a million pushups in a row does not exactly mean that you are completely fit. At the same time, if your body can’t handle even hundred push-ups, you have

some work to do. You may not be able to do 100 straight push-ups at first. Thanks to Hundred PushUps, you can slowly get your body in the right condition to handle that many push-ups and more.

Hundred PushUps is a strength training program that provides you with a progressive plan to prepare your body for 100 straight push-ups. The more you play with this app, the harder your daily exercises become. Hundred PushUps keeps track of your history and charts your data too.

Hundred PushUps won’t make your body well-rounded. But it is a useful tool to build some strength at the pace that works for you. You are still going to need some discipline to reach the ultimate goal in this app.

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