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Those of us who want to stay healthy for longer as we age need to watch out for certain types of food. Having the right diet can go a long way towards keeping people illness free and strong. An Anti-inflammatory diet can help reduce the chances of catching diseases. Heart attacks, the Alzheimer’s disease, and some cancers are caused by inflammation too. So this type of diet can be a life saver. IF Tracker is a powerful application that lets you find anti-inflammatory foods and keep yourself on track with your diet at all times.

IF Tracker not only shows you the type of food you need to be eating, it also keeps track of calories in-take, fat, protein, and carb for your diet. It features IF Rating system that helps users easily figure out which type of food is a no no. Foods with positive IF Ratings are considered to be anti-inflammatory. Your goal should be have a positive IF Ratings total when you are done with your food each day.

IF Tracker does have 2200 foods for you to get started with. It can keep track of your recipes and analyze them for you. The journal feature lets you keep track of your daily meal. Users can always search through foods to find out more about their IF Ratings. You don’t necessarily have to know a whole lot about this type of diet to get started.

I was quite impressed with this app’s interface. IF Ratings is very well designed and easy to figure out. An impressive tool for those looking to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet.

Rating: 8.8/10

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