7 iPhone Diet Apps You Should Try

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You can’t possibly live a healthy life if you are not eating right and exercising often. What you put in your body affects everything that you do. Short-term diets may help you lose some weight but they are ineffective over the long run. These 7 iPhone apps can help you adopt a diet you can handle for a long period of time:

80 Bites: want to lose some weight fast? One of the best ways to do it is by eating less. In fact, eating slowly and measuring what you eat could go a long way towards keeping you on track with your diet. With this app, you can control the number of bites you take everyday.

Intelli-Diet App: many of us get tired of our diets over time. Adding some variety to your meal plans could further boost your weight-loss efforts. This tool lets you do just that.

Meal Snap: a cool little tool that lets you take pictures of your food and find out what is in it. Good tool to track your food with.

Low Carb Diet Assistant: LC diets are helpful for those with diabetes and other medical conditions. This application counts your carbs and provides you with nutrition breakdonw of your meals.

IF Tracker: a perfect tool for anti-inflammatory diet adopters. Analyzes your foods to show you whether you are taking in foods that are good for you.

Fast Food Calories: let’s face it. Fast food restaurants are never going to make you a healthy eater. But if you must eat out, at the very least you can watch yourself with this tool.

FoodScanner: gives you more information on the foods you want to eat as long as you can scan their UPC barcodes. It covers 200k foods.

What’s your favorite diet app for iPhone?

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