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Have you looked at the sky at night and wondered what you are looking at? Maybe you just want to find about Saturn’s moons. Whatever the case, you have really two options. You can either use a pro tool to identify objects in the sky or you can use an app such as SkyVoyager to learn everything you need to know to about the stars.


I was very impressed with SkyVoyager’s interface. I found it to be very easy to use. The app comes with a database of 300,000 stars and 30,000 deep sky objects. SkyVogaer can show you the sky from any location, and it also provides you with information on stars, constellations, and other objects. And who can forget about the beautiful NASA that are included in this app.


What’s the most impressive feature about this app is its ability to direct your computer telescope to the right position using your WiFi connection. So if you have one of those cool telescopes, you are going to love using SkyVoyager. SkyVoyager is not for everyone. If you are absolutely new to the field of astronomy, you may want to try a basic astronomy app such as SkyGazer. But if you are a fan of this field and have some experience in it, you are going to love playing with SkyVoyager.

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