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Who would’ve thought a couple of years ago that Twitter was going to be such a game changer. When Twitter was introduced, a lot of people complained about the whole purpose behind it. After all, what can you tell others in 140 characters other than what you are having for lunch or how long it’s taking you to do your laundry. But that’s not what Twitter’s about. Not even close. Twitter has truly become one of the most visited website on the planet. People from around the globe get on Twitter to share their information and expand their networks.It’s gotten to a point that people are trying 3-rd party tools to get more tweeting done and connect with more people.

With Tweetie, you can now get more tweeting done right on your iPhone. Tweetie is a fast iPhone Twitter application that is not only fast but let’s you get more out of Twitter.


Here is what you can do with Twitter:

  1. Handle multiple Twitter accounts on one phone.
  2. Track direct messages, replies, and your timeline.
  3. Track your favorite tweets.
  4. Browse your friends and followers, follow and unfollow people.
  5. Block/unblock users.
  6. Twitpic image viewer.
  7. Upload your pictures to TwitPic.
  8. Let others know about your location.
  9. Autoshrink links.
  10. Use secure connection for a more secure tweeting experience.
  11. Track Twitter trends like a pro.
  12. Save your favorite searches.
  13. Use instapaper without too much fuss.
  14. Change your themes fast.
  15. Use Twitlonger like a pro and post more than 140 characters per try.
  16. Localize to German/Russian.
  17. RT messages fast without too much trouble.

I can’t say enough about Tweetie. It’s one great application for the iPhone platform. If you are a Twitter junkie like me, you are going to enjoy Tweetie. And let’s chat!

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