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Tweetie 2

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Twitter is one of the most engaging and fun social networking sites around these days. There are plenty of things to do on Twitter and plenty of people to follow. The community has become so popular that a few companies have released their Twitter-specific products. But why would you need such a device when you have an iPhone and Tweetie 2.0?

With Tweetie 2.0, you can now get more tweeting done right on your iPhone. Tweetie 1 was a decent app, but it had its issues. Tweetie 2.0 has been rewritten and redesigned completely to give you a more convenient tweeting experience on your iPhone. The app is designed to make it easy to track tweets, reply to your followers, and share images and files with your followers in a flash.

Here is what you can do with Twitter:

  1. Handle multiple Twitter accounts on one phone.
  2. Track direct messages, replies, and your timeline.
  3. Persistence saves you headaches just in case you quit your app or get a phone call.
  4. The offline mode lets you manipulate tweets and sync when you are back online.
  5. Browse your friends and followers, follow and unfollow people.
  6. Block/unblock users.
  7. TextExpander integration.
  8. Post videos and images to Twitter.
  9. Let others know about your location.
  10. Autoshrink links.
  11. Nearby map view
  12. Translate tweets
  13. Integration of Follow Cost, Tweet Blocker, and ….
  14. Twitlonger Integration
  15. Safari Bookmarklet support

I found Tweetie 2 to be an upgrade worth considering. The interface is much more intuitive and the additional features make it much easier to get more done on Twitter. It’s tough to say whether Tweetie is the best Twitter client for iPhone, but it is definitely in the top 3.

I can’t say enough about Tweetie 2. It’s one great application for the iPhone platform. If you are a Twitter junkie like me, you are going to enjoy Tweetie. Who needs a Twitterpeek when you have Tweetie.

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