50 Superb Apps We Reviewed On YouTube

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In the past few months, we have reviewed a ton of apps on YouTube (many of which were suggested by our community members). We have covered photography, games, productivity, health, food, navigation, and other types of apps in our reviews. Here are 50 apps that stood out for us:

  1. Pocket Informant Pro: a powerful application for managing your tasks and sync your data on your phone.
  2. CalenGoo iPhone Calendar: a Google Calendar client for iPhone. It supports Google Tasks too.
  3. Awesome Calendar: an elegant iPhone calendar with to-do lists, notes, weather forecasts, and more.
  4. ReaddleDocs: a document reader and manager for iPhone. Gives you multiple ways to transfer your files to your phone.
  5. Clear for iPhone: a simple to-do list manager that stays out of your way and is fast.
  6. Lumosity: a brain trainer that improves your focus and gives your brain a real workout.
  7. Mathemagics: teaches you some of the coolest math tricks around to calculate numbers in your head faster.
  8. Acceleread Speed Reading: provides you with proven techniques to improve your reading speed.
  9. Star Walk: gives you an elegant view of the stars in the sky. It supports augmented reality stargazing.
  10. StockTouch: StockTouch is a beautiful application that makes keeping up with your stocks easy.
  11. Crosswords: perfect for those of you who love solving crossword puzzles on your iPad
  12. Discovr Apps: helps with app discovery process. It finds you apps that fit your taste.
  13. Over HD for iPhone: a simple tool you can use to add cool text to your photos.
  14. iHandy Carpenter: comes with multiple tools for measuring angles, slopes, and everything in between.
  15. Wunderlist 2: a beautiful task manage compatible with multiple operating systems. It offers synchronization across all your devices.
  16. Meteor Shower Guide: shows you when the next meteor shower will happen.
  17. Dark Sky Finder: finds you areas around your location with the least light pollution for stargazing.
  18. Luminos – Astronomy App: a beautiful astronomy app for amateur astronomers. It lets you view over 2,500,000 stars, thousands of galaxies, asteroids, comets and satellites from anywhere.
  19. Khan Academy: gives you access to Khan academy content on your iPhone.
  20. Wikiweb: gives you a dynamic way to go through Wikipedia content and make connections.
  21. EleMints: an interactive table of elements for iOS. It has a ton of useful information on elements.
  22. MTA Subway Time: a simple app that shows you NY subway schedules.
  23. Sitegeist: provides you with demographics and other useful information about your location.
  24. YouTube Capture: use this app to capture and upload videos to YouTube fast.
  25. Glyph: helps you find the best credit cards that provide you with the most rewards based on your purchases.
  26. PrintCentral: makes printing to wired or wireless printers a piece of cake.
  27. Burnout Crash: if you enjoy car crashes and causing mayhem in the streets, this app has you covered.
  28. Streetfighter vs. Tekken: brings characters from Streetfighter and Tekken for exciting battles.
  29. Hueless: a powerful iPhone application for handling black and white photography tasks.
  30. iThoughts HD: one of the best mind mapping applications available for iPad.
  31. Learn Guitar: teaches you how to get started with guitar. You can go at your own pace and purchase more additional content.
  32. You are your own gym: provides you with tips on how to do body-weight training.
  33. Nutrition Explorer: provides complete nutrition data for over 850 food items.
  34. 80 Bites Diet App: counts the number of bites you take and helps you lose weight.
  35. Paleo Diet: has 300 paleo food recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack.
  36. Killer Butt: gives you workouts to help you build a killer butt. It has video and audio instructions.
  37. Yoga Studio: turns your iPhone into your yoga instructor and provides you with routines to do at home.
  38. Pocket Yoga: another awesome application for yoga lovers. It has over 150 beautifully illustrated pose images with correct posture and positioning.
  39. Ab Randomizer: perfect for those of you who want to build killer abs. It brings thousands of abs workout combinations to your phone.
  40. Zombies, Run!: turns your running sessions into a game and motivates you to run more.
  41. Cardioo: transforms your iPhone into an accurate, touch-free heart rate monitor.
  42. Display Recorder: records app demos and your phone’s screen without you having to jailbreak your device.
  43. Quick Reader: not only a decent reader but also an effective speed reading app
  44. SeatGuru: provides you with seat maps and helps you choose the right seats during your flights.
  45. Shredder Chess: one of the best chess engines around with an elegant user interface and strong game-play.
  46. Hiarcs Chess: another powerful chess engine optimized for the iPad. It is great for running analysis on your games.
  47. tChess Pro: designed with beginners in mind, this chess game combines cool graphics, fast animation, and a chess book to improve your level of play.
  48. Backgammon NJ: the best backgammon apps for iPad. It looks great and can be hard to beat.
  49. Chess Problems by World Champions: includes 645 interactive puzzles ranging from mate in 2 moves all the way to mate in 17 moves.
  50. Promtr Teleprompter app: a handy iPad application that turns your iPad into a teleprompter and helps you prepare for your presentations.

We intend to review plenty of more apps on YouTube in the future. Have any suggestions? Please include them below.

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