10 Awesome Brain Games for iPhone

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The App Store has a ton of awesome games you can play to kill time. Not all of them actually require you to use your brain. There is nothing wrong with playing silly games. But getting your brain working once in a while is not a bad idea. Here are 10 iPhone games that are good for your brain:

Sudoku: one of the most popular puzzle games around. It has great graphics and animation. It is a great time killer too.

Lumosity Brain Trainer: Lumosity is one of the most popular brain training programs around. This app lets you get some of your training on your iOS device. It has 10 brain games to enhance your cognitive abilities, including memory, processing speed, attention, and flexibility.

Crosswords: lets you download and play crossword puzzles right on your iPhone and iPad. Plenty of sources are supported. It helps you solve puzzles you are having trouble with as well.

Hiarcs Chess: playing chess will certainly make your brain work. Hiarcs happens to be one of the best chess games around for iOS.

Backgammon NJ: Backgammon is not only fun but demands some skills. Backgammon NJ has one of the strongest AIs around. It looks pretty awesome too.

SmartGo Player: the ancient game of Go is one of the most sophisticated board games around. This app brings this beautiful game to your iPhone.

Checkers: the game of checkers may not be as hard as chess but it could still test your brain and kill time. Checkers for iPhone has 5 levels of difficulty. It has HD graphics and offers decent animation too.

U Connect: this is one addictive and fun puzzle game for iPhone. The goal is to connect all the points by dragging your finger through all the points without retracing your steps.

Brain Fit 2: tests your ability to put colorful shapes together to make a big rectangle. It has 90 levels to test your skills.

Mathemagics: not really a game but you could treat it as one. This app teaches you how to calculate math equations in your head fast. You’d be surprised how much sharper your brain gets when you put what you learn here in use.

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