Keep It Simple Stupid!

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The iPhone app market is very hot currently, and it is growing very fast. There are many categories of applications to choose from on the iTunes. Whether you are into business & finance or just interested in playing games, you have plenty of options on the iTunes. If you are hoping to get into this business, it’s not too late. Everyday, more developers jump into this business, and the business has been kind to a few developers already (allowing them to quit their day jobs).

Most folks assume that in order to make it in the iPhone application business, you will have come up with some crazy complex application that no one knows how it works. The truth is simple, creative applications have a much better chance of bringing you success and money over the long run. Take a look at iFart. It’s very simple. Yet, it keeps putting smiles on people’s faces.

iFart has become extremely successful due to its viral nature. Folks can’t stop talking about that app that allows you to schedule farts in advance. There are plenty of other examples that show the K.I.S.S works and works big. Who says you have to be a rocket scientist to make a super successful iPhone application.

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