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Yes!GO for iPhone

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Anyone who exercises on a daily basis knows the importance of having access to some decent fitness music. Music can help take your mind off of things when you are suffering, so you can complete your work out and push your body hard. There are plenty of sites that offer fitness music. Yes! Fitness happens to be one that offers pre-mixed albums and custom mixes. Thanks to Yes!Go for iPhone, you can access those on your smartphone.


Yes! has plenty of awesome fitness mixes for you to take advantage of. This app is designed to help you browse through them on your phone. You get access to about 500 premixed workout mixes and can create your own custom, non-stop fitness mixes. The app supports background downloads. It lets you search by album title, artists, and song titles. The user-interface is pretty easy to get a handle on. We didn’t have a whole lot of trouble loading mixes in this app.

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Yes!GO for iPhone brings pre-mixed albums or custom mixes to your phone, so you can exercise harder and have fun doing it. You can download the app for free, but a subscription to Yes! Fitness Music is required.

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