Science In Action: 6 Science Video Apps for iPhone & iPad

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Science is fun. The more you study science, the sharper you become and the better you understand how this reality works. Studying science books is one way to gain more knowledge in this field. You could also use these 6 science video apps to learn in a more interactive fashion:


Elements In Action: brings the periodic table to life and helps you understand what makes elements unique. It has plenty of fun videos to help you explore the elements.


NOVA Elements: another application for those studying chemistry. This is an interactive application that helps you understand how elements combine to make everyday objects and more.


Khan Academy: should not need any introduction. This awesome community has videos on all kinds of topics, including science. You are bound to learn something new if you explore Khan Academy just a little bit.


Space Place Prime: a handy application for those of you who want to learn more about space. It provides you with educational articles and plenty of images/videos to view.


Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe: a wonderful tool that gives you a 3D tour of the universe with Professor Brian Cox as your guide. It has videos, over 50 3D models, and 200 interactive articles.

Kids Discover Apps: this app series covers various topics, including science, geography, chemistry, and biology. These apps are beautiful, interactive, and kid-friendly.

These apps don’t turn you into the next Einstein but help you learn science in a more interactive fashion. They give you a whole new way to put your iPad to good use.

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