Learn About the Universe with These 5 iOS Apps

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Our universe is quite amazing. It is full of beauties and mysteries. Many scientists study them on a daily basis. You don’t have to be a scientists to learn a bit about the universe. There are many books that could teach you a thing or two about this reality. These 5 interactive iOS apps can also teach you a few things about the universe:


Wonders of Life: teaches you about our world, creatures, and their habitats. More than 1000 images and 2 hours of video are included.


NOVA Elements: teaches you a thing or two about the Period Table of elements. It makes learning about it more fun.


Wonders of the Universe: brings a 3D tour of the universe to your iPhone and iPad. It has over 50 models of planets, moons, galaxies and 200 interactive articles. 2.5 hours of BBC video are included.


The Elements in Action: another app that teaches you about the elements. It has 79 videos to help you better understand what makes each element special.


Sun by KIDS Discover: a beautiful application that teaches you about the sun in an interactive fashion. It has 3D models, HD video/audio, and high resolution photographs and animations. Other titles by the developer are well worth exploring as well.

These apps might not make you a science genius but they do teach you a thing or two about our universe. They are kid-friendly also.

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