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Blades of Fury

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Who says you can’t play super high quality games on your iPhone? As Apple indicated in the past week, the company has every intention of making the iPod (and iPhone) into the next great mobile gaming device. You don’t have to look far to find a killer 3D game on iTunes. Blades of Fury is a 3D, full of action arcade game that involves you fighting duels against the computer or your friends and bring out the fighter side of you.

Blades of Fury is a very high quality one and one game of fighting. There are plenty of modes to choose from, and you have access to plenty of characters (10 at this point). Each character has her strengths and weaknesses. So every-time you pick a new fighter, it’s as if you are starting all over again with this game. There are plenty of combos to master, so you are never going to find yourself bored with this game.

What’s impressive about this app is not just the game play and easy to handle controls. But the graphics. They are simply out of this world. The game did remind me of the mortal combat. You get plenty of arenas to fight in (10), and there are 4 single player modes for this game. The Practice mode will help you get a feel for the game. The Survival game is challenging but very fun at the same time. And when you think that’s all, you have the Story and Arcade modes to play with.

I liked the fact that you can either using tapping or dragging to control the game. You can also play against the computer or your friends over WiFi or Bluetooth. So there is plenty of fun to be had with this game. The easy to use control, the amazing graphics, and the challenging game levels make Blades of Fury a must own arcade game for iPhone.

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