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Marketing & sales may sound like simple careers on paper, but there is a science to it all. These folks have access to all kinds of tools and information to base their decisions on. If you have been around commercial real estate professionals, you have probably gotten a sense on how they go about analyzing properties. They go through demographics and all kinds of other analysis to make decisions. BAO for iPhone is just the app for these folks. It provides real estate professionals with all kinds of information on neighborhoods and people who live there.

BAO gives users up to date information on specific neighborhoods and people who live there. This information includes age, income, education, lifestyle, and spending habits of people in a specific area. It can also show the differences between two different neighborhoods.

BAO shows you whether a specific neighborhood is good enough to fit your criteria. You can easily share the information you get from this app with others via e-mail. It can even show you information on your contacts too.

Marketers and real estate pros approach neighborhoods and houses in a more scientific fashion that most regular people do. BAO is a free app that provides you with a glimpse of how these folks operate. Very eye opening if you have never seen these types of reports.

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