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C64 Paint XL

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Those of you who are old enough to remember the 80s and 90s probably remember Commodore 64. Commodore was one of the best “computers” to own in those days. People used these machines for gaming and BASIC programming. While Commodore is an obsolete computer, you can still experience what those days were all about by picking up C64 Paint XL. It’s a cool paint application that lets you paint & draw like people used to on a Commodore.

C64 Paint XL lets you draw using different brush sizes. You can place colors on pixels to draw as precisely as possible. While your canvas and the way you can paint using this app is not as sophisticated as the programs we have today, the app does allow you to create some unique artwork.

This app features multiple brush and canvas sizes (you also have 16 colors to choose from). You can redo and undo like you would on most paint apps. Its zoom feature makes it easier to develop more precise artwork.

Overall, C64 Paint XL is a different kind of paint app for those of you into drawing and making your own art-work. It’s limited as far as pictures you can draw with it (as was Commodore 64). Still, it should bring back good old memories for Commodore fans.

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