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Simon Says Classic

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You know what they say about those memory games. Our brains get older as we get older, and they can’t do some of the things they used to. Playing with those memory games on a consistent basis can help you keep your brain sharper and ready to go no matter how old you are. Simon Says Classic is one of those cool brain games that gets your brain moving and helps you remember things much easier.

Simon Says Classic tests you on the order of things. You are going to need a certain level of concentration and memory power to keep up. Here is how this game works. The buttons light up (in different colors), and your job is to remember the sequence.  The first few levels may be easy but the game does get a bit tricky if you play with it long enough.

Simon Says Classic is a visually attractive game. It’s pretty easy to pick-up and is something you don’t want to put down easily. The game keeps track of your scores, so you can technically play it with your friends and compare your performances.

It is easy to underestimate the power of brain games. But games such as Simon Says Classic can help you keep your brain sharp and increase your level of concentration. You can never have too much concentration!

Rating: 8.5/10

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