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Circles Memory Game for iPhone

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As we age, our brains age as well. Just like any part of your body, if you don’t exercise your brain muscles, you are going to have a difficult time staying as sharp as possible. The good news is there are plenty of awesome brain games available for iPhone, iPad, and other platforms. Circles Memory Game is a simple and beautiful app that starts easy but puts your brain through the wringer if you try it long enough.


Circles Memory has a simple design but could give your brain a tough workout. Your goal is to remember the tap sequences that app throws your way. It might feel boring when you are just getting started. But once you get to level 12 or higher, you are going to realize this game can really push your brain hard. Beating all the levels available is going to be very challenging, especially if you have a lousy memory.


I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed playing Circles Memory. You can get practice before getting started. Circle Memory supports Game Center. If you can handle the first few levels, which are arguably boring, you are going to have a tough time putting this game down.

Rating: 9/10

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