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BookBuddy for iPhone

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I don’t know about you but I am a book junkie. Our family ends up buying a dozen or more books each month. If you keeping doing that for a while, they add up. Maintaining a book catalog in those situations is a very smart idea. After all, nobody wants to lose track of their books and buy the titles they already own. Besides, if you tend to lend your books to others, you want to make sure you get them back. BookBuddy is just the app you need to catalog your books.

BookBuddy lets you add the books you already own by scanning their barcodes or searching through Google Books. Users can create categories to organize their books under. The app not only keeps track of the books you already own but also saves you time managing and growing your wishlist. Planning to lend books to your family members and friends? BookBuddy can track that. It also lets you rate books and set a status for each title.

BookBuddy saves you time figuring out how many books in your library you have not read yet. The app is social media friendly too, giving you the chance to share your reading status with the world through social networks.

Building a killer book catalog takes time, money, and effort. Thanks to BookBuddy, you can go about doing that in a more productive fashion. It keeps track of the books you have and their status so you can focus more on reading them and getting more awesome books.

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